Our women’s bootcamp embodies the image of the Amazonian warrior. Amazons were a legendary race of female warriors in ancient Greece. Although their main concern in life was war, Amazons are mostly known for their strength and athleticism. In our bootcamp, we are determined to motivate and transform all students in becoming strong, fit, and confident.

Our program takes pride on having an uplifting atmosphere and a strong family environment welcoming all athletes: professional, amateur and new!


• Build strength & endurance
• Lose weight & tone-up
• Learn how to exercise & diet properly
• Building confidence & self-esteem


• Strength & Conditioning
• Cardio Kickboxing
• Private Classes AVAILABLE!

Fitness For Amazons is available for women ages 18+. Students of all fitness levels are
welcome and will receive the training they need. Our bootcamp encourages women to become stronger and healthier. Our classes are designed to your boost confidence and self-esteem. We aim to push you past your mental or physical blocks during the workouts. Our main goal is not only to improve your lifestyle but to help bring out your inner Amazon!

To Learn More and Enroll Contact:

Christian Medina


(347) 913-4500

5763 Broadway, Bronx, NY 10463