Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Bjj) aka “the gentle art” is a grappling martial art that generally takes
place on the ground. Contrary to popular belief 95% of all street fights end up on the
ground. Bjj allows a smaller opponent to subdue and submit a larger, stronger
opponent with the use of technique and leverage in the form of joint locks and

There are two ways to practice Bjj today. One being sport jiu jitsu where there are no punches or kicks being thrown and the other being for use of mma where one must learn to protect him or herself from the barrage of punches and kicks to simulate both street and the contest of MMA. Here at ECUBJJ & MMA Bronx you will learn both.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu become popular in the 1990s when the Gracies brought the UFC to
the USA to prove the effectiveness of the art. In particular it Royce Gracie who
showed this country that a smaller opponent could not only out grapple a bigger
opponent but could in fact submit and subdue a larger opponent in a setting of
minimal rules without the use of protective equipment and no limits on the weight
class. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is also practiced using a traditional uniform called a Gi or
kimono and nogi using shorts and a rashguard/t shirt.